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Church History

History Of Richland Hills United Methodist Church

Richland Hills United Methodist Church was organized with 89 members on July 26, 1953 in the Richland Hills Civic Center Building under the leadership of Reverend Robert E. Young. Membership increased so rapidly that property owned on Reeves Street in Richland Hills was termed inadequate and 5 1/2 acres was purchased at 7301 Glenview Drive in North Richland Hills, its present site.

Services were held in Richland Elementary School beginning in September 1953 with 215 persons forming the church. Morning worship services continued at Richland Elementary and then Glenview Elementary Schools until February 1955.

Many evening services were held in the open air on the church lot next to the parsonage which was located at 6624 Reeves Street. The present sanctuary on Glenview was consecrated in July, 1959. On December 13, 1979 the new building was cleared of debt.


Richland Hills United Methodist Church Senior Pastors

Rev. Bob Young (1953-1962)

Rev. Gil Ferrell (1962-1967)

Rev. Michael Patison (1967-1972)

Rev. Don Pike (1972-1976)

Rev. Bob Briles (1976-1979)

Rev. John Dowd (1979-1983)

Rev. Joe Saylor (1983-1988)

Rev. Randy Wild (1988-1994)

Rev. Don Scroggs (1994-2003)

Rev. Rankin Koch (2003-2005)

Rev. Bobby Baggett (2005-always)

Rev. Nancy Allen (2006-2007)

Rev. Howard Martin (2007-2010)

Rev. Cal Hoffman (2010-2011)

Rev. Danny Tenney (2011-)



Mission Statement

Richland Hills United Methodist Church will be a Biblically faithful and caring community without walls,

responding to God's grace and reflecting Christ's life.

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